Wizardsnumber – up to 100 – A Blundred:

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Wizardsnumber – up to 100 – A Blundred: http://www.mathszone.co.uk/images/thumbimg-99P.jpg Use clues like digit sum, more or less, next hundred, rounding, odd or even to idenbtify the wizard’s magic number. Have toremember the clues- but you can see them again, though. Tough!

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<embed><a href='http://mathszone.co.uk/using-applying/puzzles-and-logic-problems/wizardsnumber-up-to-100-a-blundred-3/' target='_blank'><h3>Wizardsnumber – up to 100 – A Blundred:</h3><img src='http://mathszone.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/thumbimg99p.jpg' width='100%' style='max-width:300px;'></a></embed>