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The latest version of Mathszone greatly enhances the possibilities for visitors to the site, giving the ablity to find activities easily, share them and store them for future use. Please find below a full explanation of the new features.





This version of Mathszone adds the ability to search for activities and to filter by category or tag.
Search will look for your key words in the title as well as description of the activities.

Categories and Tags can be used to help filter for relevant activities which will work on your device.

The search facility is built into Category pages as well as being displayed in the sidebar as a handy widget.


 login_form[1]Logged in Users

By registering as a user on the site, you are able to log in and comment on particular activities. (Comments are moderated) Other benefits include having bookmarks saved not just in cookies.



It is now possible to make your own collection of bookmarks on the site.

Go to an activity and click on the Add to Bookmarks button.Your bookmarks appear in a box on the front page of the site, or can be viewed on a separate page under the Home menu item.

To remove a Bookmark go to the activity again and click on the Remove button.


This version of Mathszone adds tags giving an idea of the technology behind the activity, and whether it will play on Tablets or which plugins you would need.

In the future, tags may be added to include Key Stage to give a greater idea of appropriateness.



Find out which activities other people visiting the site are using, e.g. which are the most bookmarked activities, the most visited etc. This could be useful in finding what works best for most people.


Share on Social Mediasocialmedia

It is now to click on the link on a page and share your favourite activities with your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter.




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