Totally – A number game like Boggle An addition game in the style of Boggle – Number Boggle. Develop speed, fluency, accuracy and number sense. Learning Objectives and Skills Addition of more than three or more digits DIfference to target Read More …


Ooodle Order of Operations – Bidmas. Find the way to make the target number from the clues Learning Objectives and Skills Order of Operations Adddition, Subtraction and Multiplication Trial and Improvement Reasoning about number

Number Balance – M Weddell

Number Balance

Number Balance – Mark Weddell Use the number balance Free Play mode to demonstrate relationships between numbers whether equal or inequalities. Game Levels allow children to make the apparatus balance, thus completing the equation. Information Drag the tags onto the Read More …

Treasure Quest – MathPlayground

treasure quest math playground

Treasure Quest. Interactive 100 square used for examining number facts up to a hundred   Information Find the target number on the hundreds chart and tap the square. Number hints will help you along the way. There are 10 orbs Read More …

Mosaic Zero to Ten – DigiPuzzle

Mosaic Number Bonds

Math Racer Multiplication Practise your number bonds Choose a colour Mark addition number bonds which correspond to that colour’s number When you’ve done a few, click Check Continue until you’ve completed the square and revealed the picture  

Daily 10

Daily 10

Daily 10 Covers addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions. Designed for interactive whiteboard. For delivering 10 maths questions for mental maths practise. Can be timed or untimed Ideal for starter and Read More …

Save the Whale 2 – ICT Games

Practise your addition facts making totals up to 10. The whale is trapped in the lake. Add lengths of pipe until the total is 10, (you can use more than two). Then turn the wheel valve to set the water Read More …

Funky Mummy ICT Games

A range of number knowledge tested in this game. See the Funky Mummy dance when you get it right!

Colour quiz – David Hellam

Answer a few number bond to 20 questions. Each correct one colours part of the picture in. 10 seconds to complete.

Got It! – NRICH

Adding game – add whole numbers to hit target number to win. 2 Player or play against computer Y1

Rock Hopper – eGames

Choose numbers to get the frog over to the rock, adding on the way, to get to the total on the rock Adding single digit numbers Y1/2

Safe Cracker – ICTGames

Learn & practise single digit addition facts (up to 9 + 9) by turning the tumblers on a safe. Y1/2

+5 Fuel Stop – ICT Games

Addition bridging using bonds of 5 – add five to the number given to fuel the rocket & send it on its way. Y1/2

Empty Number Line – ICT Games

Set the starting point on the empty number line to label it & use the arrows to add in amounts given to find total of two numbers Y 1/2

Merc Move – ICT Games

Solve the problems & reach the target number by crashing into the correct coloured cars. Y2