Puzzle of the Day – Mathigon

Puzzle of the Day – Mathigon Daily shape puzzle to cover up all the squares on the callendar except today’s date. Learning Objectives and Skills Visuaise positioning objects Rotate and flip objects Link to calendar

Area of Compound Shapes – Scootle

Find compound area

Find the area of Compound Shapes Find the area of compound shapes based on rectangles on a grid. Explore how the formula works for finding a rectangle’s area. Information Estimate the total area. Fill the rectangles with unit blocks Calculate Read More …

Time Tools – Minutes – Scootle

Time Tools

Time tools: 24/12-hour to the minute Do you really know how to tell the time Tell the time to the minute? Know your 24-hour clock? Have fun matching the times on 12-hour analogue and digital clocks.

Time Tools – Scootle

Time Tools

Time tools: 12-hour to the half hour Know the little hand and the big hand on a clock. Tell the time to the hour and half-hour? Have fun matching the times on 12-hour analogue and digital clocks.

Area Builder – PHET

Area Builder

Area Builder Investigate how area affects perimeter. Information Drag square blocks onto the grid to make a shape. Move blocks around and see the effect on the perimeter Switch modes to compare two shapes Game mode sets challenges to build Read More …

Time, Angles & Fractions

interactive clock

Time, Angles & Fractions This activity has many uses. Display the current time analogue or digital. The clock hands can be dragged to show different times. The clock can also demonstrate angles and has been updated for fractions and percentages Read More …

Area & Perimeter – Math Playground

Explanation then practice on finding area and perimeter of rectangles. Take care with ruler – measure from 0 mark not from end of ruler! Y4

Simple scales – Crick

Use the Simple Scales to weigh the bears. Open ended activity that lends itself to problem solving activities. YR

Mostly Postie – ICT Games

Drag the parcel onto the scales, then enter the value shown to deliver your letter or parcel. Counting in 10s and 100s. Reading scales, familiarisation with number lines. Y2

Scales Reader – ICT Games

Read the weight represented by the scales. 4 sets of scales, reading amounts between nearest 100g or whole kg. Answering in decimals. Y2

Thermometer – Active Maths

Two thermometers (sideways) with temperature to read (-20 to +50) click in box for reading to be displayed, click change for new ones. Free sample of subscription site but refresh will get rid of login box if it pops up. Read More …

Clockwise BBC – Dynamo

Click on the clock face to set the clock to the given time. 3 levels, hours only, quarters, five minute intervals past the hour. age 5 /9

On the trailBBC – Digger

Pupils solve maths problems to help Digger and the Gang prepare for their journey, involving the calculation of distances, length of time needed for travel and times on the 24 hour clock Y 5

Hickory 4 ICT Games:

Times to quarters of an hour. A mouse runs up and eats the cheese if correct.Y2

Time 1 – David Hellam

Pelmanism: match the analogue clock face with the time in 12 hr clock nearest 5 minutes. Y3