Coordinate Mid-Points

coordinate mid-points

Coordinate Mid-Points Find the coordinate mid-point on a line half-way between two coordinates A & B. Use the coordinate grid to help plot the points by dragging the markers. Work out the mid-point coordinate M. Click Show to check the Read More …

Reflections & coordinates – Active Maths

Reflect six different shape horizontally, vertically or diagonally in 4 quadrants, with line-intersection coordinates or letters at corners. Yr 6. Free sample of subscription site – click browser refresh to remove login box.

Coordinates – Active Maths

Work out coordinates of shapes in all four quadrants, or turn off three for first quadrant only. Click browser refresh to remove login box. Yr 3-6

Worm Hunt- EChalk

Click on line intersections on the grid, coordinates are shown. Distance given to worm – refine to get it. Yr 6