Totally – A number game like Boggle An addition game in the style of Boggle – Number Boggle. Develop speed, fluency, accuracy and number sense. Learning Objectives and Skills Addition of more than three or more digits DIfference to target Read More …


Ooodle Order of Operations – Bidmas. Find the way to make the target number from the clues Learning Objectives and Skills Order of Operations Adddition, Subtraction and Multiplication Trial and Improvement Reasoning about number

Time Tools – Scootle

Time Tools

Time tools: 12-hour to the half hour Know the little hand and the big hand on a clock. Tell the time to the hour and half-hour? Have fun matching the times on 12-hour analogue and digital clocks.

Number Balance – M Weddell

Number Balance

Number Balance – Mark Weddell Use the number balance Free Play mode to demonstrate relationships between numbers whether equal or inequalities. Game Levels allow children to make the apparatus balance, thus completing the equation. Information Drag the tags onto the Read More …

Puzzle Pic Fractions – MathPlayground

Puzzle pic fractions

Puzzle Pic Fractions – MathPlayground Match the fractions to complete the animal picture puzzle Information Drag the parts of the picture to the correct square. Use the shape clues and number lines to help you The shapes change to understand Read More …

Treasure Quest – MathPlayground

treasure quest math playground

Treasure Quest. Interactive 100 square used for examining number facts up to a hundred   Information Find the target number on the hundreds chart and tap the square. Number hints will help you along the way. There are 10 orbs Read More …

Tablet Toolkit – Shape

Here are four of the best free tools for investigating shape on a tablet device. They should work in browsers on iPad, Android and Windows tablets, as well as traditional desktop, laptop and chromebook devices. Click on the image or Read More …

Tablet Toolkit – Number

100 square spots

Here are five of the best free tools for investigating number on a tablet device. They should work in browsers on iPad, Android and Windows tablets, as well as traditional desktop, laptop and chromebook devices. Click on the image or Read More …

Tangrams – ABC YA


Complete the puzzle by moving and rotating the seven shapes. A fun way to work problem solving and visual spatial skills. App Features 3 levels offering increased challenge Click on a shape or drag it to select it Use the Read More …

Daily 10

Daily 10

Daily 10 Covers addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions. Designed for interactive whiteboard. For delivering 10 maths questions for mental maths practise. Can be timed or untimed Ideal for starter and Read More …

Fish Times Tables

Fish Times Tables Learning the times tables is extremely important, this activity can quickly demonstrate any tables value. The visual representation allows children to grasp very quickly that multiplication is commutative i.e 3×4 is the same as 4×3.

Time, Angles & Fractions

interactive clock

Time, Angles & Fractions This activity has many uses. Display the current time analogue or digital. The clock hands can be dragged to show different times. The clock can also demonstrate angles and has been updated for fractions and percentages Read More …

Fast Factors

Fast Factors Drag the numbers from the right onto the answers to the 9 times table. You can change the times table by clicking on a button.

Geoboard – Math Learning Center

Geoboard is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the primary school. Children stretch bands around the pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more. Open Activity

Shapes – David Hellam

Use the mouse to make your character pick up the shapes and take them to the right box – matching word and image – but do not get caught by the robots.


GOT IT! – NRICH Add numbers to reach exactly the target number – before the other player or computer