Factorize – NCTM Illuminations

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Visually explore the concept of factors by creating rectangular arrays. The length and width of the array are factors of your number.

  • Enter factorizations in the white boxes to the right in the form: (number)×(number)
  • (Use either the letter x or an asterisk (*) for the multiplication symbol.)
  • Click and drag to draw a rectangle. As you draw, the area of your rectangle will be displayed. Release the mouse button to check your answer. If the area is equal to your number, the rectangle will stay. If the area is not equal to your number, it will disappear. The length and width of the rectangle are factors of your number.
  • When you’ve entered your factorization, click the Checkbox to check your answer. If it is incorrect, the entry will be deleted. If it is correct, the corresponding rectangle will be drawn on the grid (if it’s not already there).
    The number of white boxes corresponds to the number of factorization for your number.
  • Try to find them all. The rectangles and factorizations are color coded to help you. The color of the rectangle matches the highlight color of the factorization box.
  • Click ‘New Number’ or enter a new number into the Use ‘Your Own Number’ box to find the factorizations for a different number.