Find the Primes

Find the Primes – MathsBot A Beep test – 20 seconds to find all the prime numbers on each grid Click on one composite number and you lose.Learning Objectives and Skills Recognise Primes Recognise composite numbers Recognise Multiples


Totally – A number game like Boggle An addition game in the style of Boggle – Number Boggle. Develop speed, fluency, accuracy and number sense. Learning Objectives and Skills Addition of more than three or more digits DIfference to target Read More …

Puzzle of the Day – Mathigon

Puzzle of the Day – Mathigon Daily shape puzzle to cover up all the squares on the callendar except today’s date. Learning Objectives and Skills Visuaise positioning objects Rotate and flip objects Link to calendar


Countle A daily Countdown puzzle. Learning Objectives and Skills Use the 6 numbers and 4 operations to make the target number Get as close as possible Share your result with friends It is not necessary to use all the numbers Read More …

Times Square – Fill the Grid

Times Square – Fill the Grid Use your keyboard or the onscreen keypad to complete the grid Learning Objectives Factors and Multiples Use divisibility rules Use multiplication facts to 10×10 Inverse operations Reasoning about number


Ooodle Order of Operations – Bidmas. Find the way to make the target number from the clues Learning Objectives and Skills Order of Operations Adddition, Subtraction and Multiplication Trial and Improvement Reasoning about number

5 of the Best Maths Games

Children often have their favourites and there are some fantastic free games out there to play. Mathszone has brought together some of the best from across the Internet, and is able to keep track of some of the most popular. Read More …

Quadrilaterals – Snappy Maths

Quadrilaterals – Snappy Maths Answer as many questions as you can. Use the ‘Enter’ key or press ‘Go’ to submit each answer. Your time starts after you answer the first one.  

Area of Compound Shapes – Scootle

Find compound area

Find the area of Compound Shapes Find the area of compound shapes based on rectangles on a grid. Explore how the formula works for finding a rectangle’s area. Information Estimate the total area. Fill the rectangles with unit blocks Calculate Read More …

Time Tools – Minutes – Scootle

Time Tools

Time tools: 24/12-hour to the minute Do you really know how to tell the time Tell the time to the minute? Know your 24-hour clock? Have fun matching the times on 12-hour analogue and digital clocks.

Time Tools – Scootle

Time Tools

Time tools: 12-hour to the half hour Know the little hand and the big hand on a clock. Tell the time to the hour and half-hour? Have fun matching the times on 12-hour analogue and digital clocks.

Number Balance – M Weddell

Number Balance

Number Balance – Mark Weddell Use the number balance Free Play mode to demonstrate relationships between numbers whether equal or inequalities. Game Levels allow children to make the apparatus balance, thus completing the equation. Information Drag the tags onto the Read More …

Puzzle Pic Fractions – MathPlayground

Puzzle pic fractions

Puzzle Pic Fractions – MathPlayground Match the fractions to complete the animal picture puzzle Information Drag the parts of the picture to the correct square. Use the shape clues and number lines to help you The shapes change to understand Read More …

Area Builder – PHET

Area Builder

Area Builder Investigate how area affects perimeter. Information Drag square blocks onto the grid to make a shape. Move blocks around and see the effect on the perimeter Switch modes to compare two shapes Game mode sets challenges to build Read More …

Star Swap Remainders

Star Swap Remainders

Star Swap – Remainders Test yourself on your knowledge of division facts and their remainders. Information Drag the four division questions onto their correct answer. When all four are complete, more will appear. Bonus time for correct answers. Time penalties Read More …

Treasure Quest – MathPlayground

treasure quest math playground

Treasure Quest. Interactive 100 square used for examining number facts up to a hundred   Information Find the target number on the hundreds chart and tap the square. Number hints will help you along the way. There are 10 orbs Read More …

Angle Estimates – Transum

angle estimates

Angle Estimates There’s a protractor you can drag over the angles to measure them. Hold down the shift key while dragging to rotate the protractor. The previous Flash version of this activity is here. This may be useful if you Read More …

Angle Chase – Transum

angle chase

Angle Chase Use knowledge and reasoning to fill in the angles on the geometrical diagrams drawn inside rectangles. Level 1 – 31 angles to be found in a diagram with one set of parallel lines Level 2 – 42 angles Read More …

Tablet Toolkit – Shape

Here are four of the best free tools for investigating shape on a tablet device. They should work in browsers on iPad, Android and Windows tablets, as well as traditional desktop, laptop and chromebook devices. Click on the image or Read More …

Tablet Toolkit – Number

100 square spots

Here are five of the best free tools for investigating number on a tablet device. They should work in browsers on iPad, Android and Windows tablets, as well as traditional desktop, laptop and chromebook devices. Click on the image or Read More …

Tangrams – ABC YA


Complete the puzzle by moving and rotating the seven shapes. A fun way to work problem solving and visual spatial skills. App Features 3 levels offering increased challenge Click on a shape or drag it to select it Use the Read More …

Mosaic Zero to Ten – DigiPuzzle

Mosaic Number Bonds

Math Racer Multiplication Practise your number bonds Choose a colour Mark addition number bonds which correspond to that colour’s number When you’ve done a few, click Check Continue until you’ve completed the square and revealed the picture  

Counting Candles – DigiPuzzle

Counting Candles

Number Crunch Saga Count the number of candles and find the matching number card Click on two cards to begin If the number of candles matches with the number on the other card they will stay. If they do not Read More …

Daily 10

Daily 10

Daily 10 Covers addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions. Designed for interactive whiteboard. For delivering 10 maths questions for mental maths practise. Can be timed or untimed Ideal for starter and Read More …

Count the Yeti – Maths Factor

count the yeti

Count the Yeti   Count the Yeti creatures and click on the corresponding correct number across the top. Numbers from 1 to 10. Different Levels

Algebra Tiles – Hood

Algebra Tiles Construct algebra expressions using tiles of different sizes. Can be used for demonstrating multiplication expressions.

Coordinate Mid-Points

coordinate mid-points

Coordinate Mid-Points Find the coordinate mid-point on a line half-way between two coordinates A & B. Use the coordinate grid to help plot the points by dragging the markers. Work out the mid-point coordinate M. Click Show to check the Read More …

Polygon Explorer – Visnos

Polygon Explorer – Visnos Create and manipulate polygons, examine how the interior and exterior angles change as the number of sides increase. Drag vertices, use a protractor or ruler to measure angles and length properties

Fish Times Tables

Fish Times Tables Learning the times tables is extremely important, this activity can quickly demonstrate any tables value. The visual representation allows children to grasp very quickly that multiplication is commutative i.e 3×4 is the same as 4×3.

Calculate Percent Fraction Decimal

Calculate Percent Fraction Decimal Starter. A spinner creates a random number. The class then have one min to multiply the value by percentages ,fractions or decimal values. Makes a great lesson starter to get brains active. Also provides discussion for Read More …

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Sieve of Eratosthenes Named after the Greek Mathematician. This classic method of finding prime numbers is also great for teaching about factors and multiples. The visnos sieve allows for multi colored squares this allows identification of any numbers prime factors.

Time, Angles & Fractions

interactive clock

Time, Angles & Fractions This activity has many uses. Display the current time analogue or digital. The clock hands can be dragged to show different times. The clock can also demonstrate angles and has been updated for fractions and percentages Read More …

Basic Angles – Visnos

Basic Angles Learn to recognise acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles. Create and investigate problems involving complementary or supplementary angles, intersecting lines and angles at a point. Angles can be automatically displayed or measured using a protractor

Percentage Fraction Decimal Grid

Percentage Fraction Decimal Grid Divide a square or circle up into a number of parts. The slices or rectangles can be painted various colors and these colors then represented as either decimals, fractions or percentages.

Fast Factors

Fast Factors Drag the numbers from the right onto the answers to the 9 times table. You can change the times table by clicking on a button.

Hundredaire – Maths Play

Hundredaire Place Value – determine value of each digit. Great for plenary. Beware, harder questions include decimals and millions! National Curriculum – Read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1,000,000 and determine the value of each digit.

Squares in Squares

I have just spent a lesson this week with my class discussing how we might know that there are only 11 nets of a cube. The problem was that we could find 11 nets, we knew they were all different, and Read More …

Geoboard – Math Learning Center

Geoboard is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the primary school. Children stretch bands around the pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more. Open Activity

The Maths Question of the Year 2016!

Here is a question which has intrigued me for a few years now, but this year it seems most pertinent! 2016 is the product of two 2-digit numbers. What are they? Can you find all the possibilities? The Brute Force method Read More …

Save the Apples – Play kids games

answer the sums & save the monkey’s apples from the alligator. 4 rules with level setting from easy upwards. Random so unexpectedly hard or easy ones thrown in. Y1-6

Build a bug – David Hellam

Speed arithmetic on the four rules of number – correct answers result in different bits of a bug being put together. Y4

Swimming – EChalk

mental arithmetic: choose Addition & Sutraction or Multiplication & Division Yr 6

Digit menu – Crick

addition, subtraction to 20, to 100, 1 or 2 digits, multiplication up to 5X or 10x – Y2/3/4

Goal division – Crick

Two player game practiising division. Pupil has to achieve a quotient in the given range by choosing the divisor. Pretty tough but a good reward in a football game. Yr 6

Dividing Tens – AAAMaths

Dividing multiples of ten by single digit numbers. (Ignore instructions saying about moving decimal point!) Y4/5

Merc Move – ICT Games

Solve the problems & reach the target number by crashing into the correct coloured cars. Y2

Empty Number Line – ICT Games

Set the starting point on the empty number line to label it & use the arrows to add in amounts given to find total of two numbers Y 1/2

+5 Fuel Stop – ICT Games

Addition bridging using bonds of 5 – add five to the number given to fuel the rocket & send it on its way. Y1/2

Safe Cracker – ICTGames

Learn & practise single digit addition facts (up to 9 + 9) by turning the tumblers on a safe. Y1/2

Rock Hopper – eGames

Choose numbers to get the frog over to the rock, adding on the way, to get to the total on the rock Adding single digit numbers Y1/2

Got It! – NRICH

Adding game – add whole numbers to hit target number to win. 2 Player or play against computer Y1

Multi Numberlines – ICT Games

Click a square on the 10×10 grid and the mult fact appears with a ? Click the answer box and a number line appears illustrating commutative law (8×9 is thesame as 9×8) KS1/2

Colour quiz – David Hellam

Answer a few number bond to 20 questions. Each correct one colours part of the picture in. 10 seconds to complete.

Funky Mummy ICT Games

A range of number knowledge tested in this game. See the Funky Mummy dance when you get it right!

Save the Whale 2 – ICT Games

Practise your addition facts making totals up to 10. The whale is trapped in the lake. Add lengths of pipe until the total is 10, (you can use more than two). Then turn the wheel valve to set the water Read More …

Washing line numbers – Crick

exercise to put decimal numbers in order. KS2 Good exercise but note: correct answers forced so can do it without knowledge.

Time 1 – David Hellam

Pelmanism: match the analogue clock face with the time in 12 hr clock nearest 5 minutes. Y3

Hickory 4 ICT Games:

Times to quarters of an hour. A mouse runs up and eats the cheese if correct.Y2

On the trailBBC – Digger

Pupils solve maths problems to help Digger and the Gang prepare for their journey, involving the calculation of distances, length of time needed for travel and times on the 24 hour clock Y 5

Clockwise BBC – Dynamo

Click on the clock face to set the clock to the given time. 3 levels, hours only, quarters, five minute intervals past the hour. age 5 /9

Thermometer – Active Maths

Two thermometers (sideways) with temperature to read (-20 to +50) click in box for reading to be displayed, click change for new ones. Free sample of subscription site but refresh will get rid of login box if it pops up. Read More …

Scales Reader – ICT Games

Read the weight represented by the scales. 4 sets of scales, reading amounts between nearest 100g or whole kg. Answering in decimals. Y2

Mostly Postie – ICT Games

Drag the parcel onto the scales, then enter the value shown to deliver your letter or parcel. Counting in 10s and 100s. Reading scales, familiarisation with number lines. Y2

Simple scales – Crick

Use the Simple Scales to weigh the bears. Open ended activity that lends itself to problem solving activities. YR

Area & Perimeter – Math Playground

Explanation then practice on finding area and perimeter of rectangles. Take care with ruler – measure from 0 mark not from end of ruler! Y4

Gorilla – Count On

Two player game – gorillas throw bananas at each other across skyscrapers. Adjust force and angle to hit.

Worm Hunt- EChalk

Click on line intersections on the grid, coordinates are shown. Distance given to worm – refine to get it. Yr 6

Coordinates – Active Maths

Work out coordinates of shapes in all four quadrants, or turn off three for first quadrant only. Click browser refresh to remove login box. Yr 3-6

Reflections & coordinates – Active Maths

Reflect six different shape horizontally, vertically or diagonally in 4 quadrants, with line-intersection coordinates or letters at corners. Yr 6. Free sample of subscription site – click browser refresh to remove login box.

Castle Shapes – Ngfl Cymru

Identify properties of 2-D shapes, categorise with Venn diagram. Investigate shape congruence. Use 3D shapes to investigate castle structure

Shape sorting – NNS

Sort 2D shapes into 3 boxes according right angles. Only correct sorting possible.

Shapes – David Hellam

Use the mouse to make your character pick up the shapes and take them to the right box – matching word and image – but do not get caught by the robots.

Psychic –

Psychic – How does this site always know what number you are thinking of?

CodeBreaker – EChalk

CodeBreaker – EChalk Like the Mastermind board game. For yr6

Fido Puzzle – DCC

Fido Puzzle – DCC Think Clear! an ‘ I’ll guess your four digit number’ puzzle

Near doubles machine – Crick

Near doubles machine – Crick A number is given which near to double the target number. four buttons

Magic Safari

Magic Safari Use science and maths to solve problems. Develops logic and problem solving skills.

Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher Use a series of addition, subtraction, and multiplication equations to reach your goal.

Adding to 99 – NLVM

Adding to 99 – NLVM Make the totals in the intersecting circles add to 99

Circles adding to 21 – NLVM

Circles adding to 21 – NLVM Make the intersecting circles add to 21. Numbers in intersections are whole numbers, less than 21


GOT IT! – NRICH Add numbers to reach exactly the target number – before the other player or computer

Simple Patterns – Ngfl Cymru

This resources pack introduces pupils to the idea of repeating patterns of an ABAB design, and then to an AABAAB design. Pupils look at colour patterns, shape patterns and picture patterns using Welsh emblems. They have the opportunity to finish Read More …

The Building Game – Ngfl Cymru

A series of activities, all of which test pupils’ ability to place shapes in a particular order. Pupils will also learn to differentiate between colours.

Decimals adding to 3 – NLVM

Make the intersecting circles total 3. Number in intersections have up to one decimal place       Java Applet does not work in Chome browser    

Count the Bananas

Count how many bananas the monkey eats. Click on the corresponding number on the left of the page. Numbers up to 4