Find the Primes

Find the Primes – MathsBot A Beep test – 20 seconds to find all the prime numbers on each grid Click on one composite number and you lose.Learning Objectives and Skills Recognise Primes Recognise composite numbers Recognise Multiples

Times Square – Fill the Grid

Times Square – Fill the Grid Use your keyboard or the onscreen keypad to complete the grid Learning Objectives Factors and Multiples Use divisibility rules Use multiplication facts to 10×10 Inverse operations Reasoning about number


Ooodle Order of Operations – Bidmas. Find the way to make the target number from the clues Learning Objectives and Skills Order of Operations Adddition, Subtraction and Multiplication Trial and Improvement Reasoning about number

Star Swap Remainders

Star Swap Remainders

Star Swap – Remainders Test yourself on your knowledge of division facts and their remainders. Information Drag the four division questions onto their correct answer. When all four are complete, more will appear. Bonus time for correct answers. Time penalties Read More …

Daily 10

Daily 10

Daily 10 Covers addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions. Designed for interactive whiteboard. For delivering 10 maths questions for mental maths practise. Can be timed or untimed Ideal for starter and Read More …

Fish Times Tables

Fish Times Tables Learning the times tables is extremely important, this activity can quickly demonstrate any tables value. The visual representation allows children to grasp very quickly that multiplication is commutative i.e 3×4 is the same as 4×3.

Fast Factors

Fast Factors Drag the numbers from the right onto the answers to the 9 times table. You can change the times table by clicking on a button.

Funky Mummy ICT Games

A range of number knowledge tested in this game. See the Funky Mummy dance when you get it right!

Multi Numberlines – ICT Games

Click a square on the 10×10 grid and the mult fact appears with a ? Click the answer box and a number line appears illustrating commutative law (8×9 is thesame as 9×8) KS1/2