5 of the Best Maths Games

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5 Best Games

Children often have their favourites and there are some fantastic free games out there to play. Mathszone has brought together some of the best from across the Internet, and is able to keep track of some of the most popular. From dancing mummies to monstor Yetis there is much fun to be had. Don’t forget to bookmark your favourites so that they are available from anywhere.


Pop n Drop

Pop n Drop – ICT Games

In this game you select some numbered balls to make a target. Fast action and lots of choice mean that there is great variety. Clearly the more you know your number bonds or multiplication tables, the faster you can complete the level.

Hit the Button

Hit the Button – Topmarks

It’s as simple as the name suggests. Choose the skill you want to practise, and the computer offers a question. Your job is simply to hit the button. It offers immediate feedback – get it right – the green light shines, the sound is happy and you get a point. How many can you get in a minute. Compete against friends for a high score. There’s lots of skills to practise as well as number bonds and multiplciation tables, you can learn doubles, halves, division facts and square numbers. This is a highly popular game and with its simplicity, you can see why.

Penguin Jump Multiplication

Penguin Jump Multiplication – Math Playground

Race other penguins across the ice flows jumping to the correct iceberg. Look at the multiplication question and click on the answer which corresponds. Be the first to reach safety. This game is really enjoyable, with cute images and is even fun to watch.

Funky Mummy

Funky Mummy ICT Games

Fun graphics and lots of skillls which can be practised. Complete the calculation, press on the correct sarcophagus and watch the mummy dance. Get it wrong and the tomb is empty and your score wont increase. This is not so much about speed, but accuracy and improving skills.

Count the Yeti

Count the Yeti – Maths Factor

Count how many Yetis there are and shoot the number at the top. Great for younger children to increase this ability to speed count, group and improve accuracy.