Tablet Toolkit – Number

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Here are five of the best free tools for investigating number on a tablet device. They should work in browsers on iPad, Android and Windows tablets, as well as traditional desktop, laptop and chromebook devices. Click on the image or title to investigate each activity further.


Ten Frame – Illuminations

Ten frames are a powerful way to help pupils visualise numbers and consider number bonds addition and subtraction calculations.


Number Rack – Math Learning Center

Number Rack is an abacus interactive manipulative which can demonstrate counting up to 100 on a tablet device. As well as depicting numbers this manipulative is useful for visualising addition and subtraction calculations too.


Number Pieces – Math Learning Center

Number Pieces by Math Learning Center reproduces the experience of using Base 10 Blocks or Dienes Equipment. It can be used to represent numbers in HTU, giving a sense of the value of each digit. As children become more fluent with their use, they can investigate addition and subtraction too.


Flip Counter – ICT Games

Flip Counter by ICT Games is a tool for demonstrating how counting occurs. Numbers can be set and then it is possible to see the effect of counting on, or how much is needed to reach a particular target. Reveal and move the decimal point to investigate further.


100 Square Spots

100 Square Spots is a tool for investigating pattern on the 100 square. It can be used for looking at number series, as well as addition and subtraction by adding tens and adjusting.