Millions Counter – M Weddell

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Millions Counter

Investigate numbers

  • Enter your own start number, or use the + and – buttons to change the digits to make the required number.
  • Read the number in words below.
  • Hide either the number or the words to ask questions in class.

Add or Subtract 100, 1000, 10,000 etc.

  • Click on green tick to start
  • Use the + and – buttons to try to reach the target number in the number of clicks given
  • The question will turn green if achieved or red if not.
  • Click Random Number for a new challenge

Investigate Rounding

  • Drag the vertical rounding bar with the <| from the right of the units column
  • Drag unit the nearest required is highlighted (e.g. round to nearest hundred)
  • Notice red zeros, but purple number will need to be adjusted up or down with fewest clicks to get to zero
  • Note what happens to first black number when rounded up
  • Moving rounding overlay back to right will reset number to beginning.