Number Balance – M Weddell

Number Balance

Number Balance – Mark Weddell Use the number balance Free Play mode to demonstrate relationships between numbers whether equal or inequalities. Game Levels allow children to make the apparatus balance, thus completing the equation. Information Drag the tags onto the Read More …

Angle Chase – Transum

angle chase

Angle Chase Use knowledge and reasoning to fill in the angles on the geometrical diagrams drawn inside rectangles. Level 1 – 31 angles to be found in a diagram with one set of parallel lines Level 2 – 42 angles Read More …

Algebra Tiles – Hood

Algebra Tiles Construct algebra expressions using tiles of different sizes. Can be used for demonstrating multiplication expressions.

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Sieve of Eratosthenes Named after the Greek Mathematician. This classic method of finding prime numbers is also great for teaching about factors and multiples. The visnos sieve allows for multi colored squares this allows identification of any numbers prime factors.

Gorilla – Count On

Two player game – gorillas throw bananas at each other across skyscrapers. Adjust force and angle to hit.


GOT IT! – NRICH Add numbers to reach exactly the target number – before the other player or computer

Circles adding to 21 – NLVM

Circles adding to 21 – NLVM Make the intersecting circles add to 21. Numbers in intersections are whole numbers, less than 21

Adding to 99 – NLVM

Adding to 99 – NLVM Make the totals in the intersecting circles add to 99

Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher Use a series of addition, subtraction, and multiplication equations to reach your goal.

Magic Safari

Magic Safari Use science and maths to solve problems. Develops logic and problem solving skills.

Near doubles machine – Crick

Near doubles machine – Crick A number is given which near to double the target number. four buttons

Fido Puzzle – DCC

Fido Puzzle – DCC Think Clear! an ‘ I’ll guess your four digit number’ puzzle

CodeBreaker – EChalk

CodeBreaker – EChalk Like the Mastermind board game. For yr6

Psychic –

Psychic – How does this site always know what number you are thinking of?

Simple Patterns – Ngfl Cymru

This resources pack introduces pupils to the idea of repeating patterns of an ABAB design, and then to an AABAAB design. Pupils look at colour patterns, shape patterns and picture patterns using Welsh emblems. They have the opportunity to finish Read More …

The Building Game – Ngfl Cymru

A series of activities, all of which test pupils’ ability to place shapes in a particular order. Pupils will also learn to differentiate between colours.

Decimals adding to 3 – NLVM

Make the intersecting circles total 3. Number in intersections have up to one decimal place       Java Applet does not work in Chome browser